Departmental Stewards

 Stewards are the first point of contact for members and non-members alike as they liaise between the campus community and the union itself. Each member has a steward assigned to them, usually from their own department or a similar one.

Stewards hold regular meetings in their departments where they inform their departments about DGSU actives as well as receive complaints and collect information about department conditions to pass on to union leadership. 

The work of Stewards is crucial to ensuring that our union is able to effectively advocate for all of our members! If you are interested in joining the union or have questions about the benefits of union membership, contact your department’s steward! You can also read our FAQ or check out our Welcome Packet!

If you have questions about Stewards or Stewardship, or would like to volunteer, please contact Katya Gorecki (

Departmental Stewards
Abhi Chhetri Biochemistry
Rebecca Uliasz CMAC
Hannah Borenstein Cultural Anthropology
Can Evren Cultural Anthropology
Mike McGurk English
Jacqueline Allain History
Blake Beaver Literature
Joe Nelson Philosophy
Sarah Nolan Public Policy
Joe Longarino Religion
Nathan Hershberger Religion
Camille Chanod Romance Studies