Meet with a Harassment and Discrimination Representative

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The DGSU Working Group on Harassment and Discrimination launched its advocacy program in March 2018. We are committed to providing representation and support services on Duke University’s campus led by graduate student-workers, for graduate student-workers. 

Integral to our advocacy plan is the Representative Stewardship Program. This is a peer-to-peer support service where grad workers meet with peers who have received education on campus- and community-resources on reporting policies and procedures, legal resources, and counseling services available to grads. We invite grads to meet with Representatives to learn more about the range of resources available to them along the difficult path of coping with and responding to harassment, discrimination, and violence.

DGSU Representatives are dedicated to the below:

1.     Advocacy

a.     Participating in the DGSU campaign to change harassment culture—in Duke’s, state, and national policies

c.     Modeling behaviors of intervention, alliance, solidarity, and support that uphold our campaign’s mission statement

3.     Representation

a.     Holding time to meet with individuals looking for education and representation resources

b.     Participating in ongoing education trainings on methods and resources

c.     When appropriate, attending OIE and Title IX interviews when requested

d.     Staying up to date on policies and procedures

Please note that representatives are here to listen, but they are not trained mental health or legal professionals. 

We always believe you.

It is never your fault.

You are not alone.