Dispatch from Abroad – On the Road After All – The SEIU Southern Region Conference Day 1

Dear reader, it was a battle of wills, this drive down to Atlanta for the SEIU Southern Region Conference. A battle of the elements that pitted Your Intrepid Reporter against all of Nature’s furious wrath at once and altogether. A storm was brewing, blowing debris – chunks of wood, bits of leaves and grass – and the howl of the wind could be heard even through the closed windows of Your Intrepid Reporter's very own car!

Yes, dear reader, it was a trying situation, a terrifying scene indeed. But, dear reader, fret not! For just at the moment when the storm hit – just as the heavens opened up and gallon upon gallon of water lashed the windshield of Your Intrepid Reporter's very own car – dear reader, do you know what happened?

But only guess!

Could you only guess what song came playing next upon the shuffled Spotify playlist constructed by Your Intrepid Reporter, but Cher’s 1998 groundbreaking hit, the earliest example of a song using autotuned vocals to reach the highest heights of Billboard’s charts and be announced by the late and great Casey Kasem as the Number One of America’s Top 40? Dear reader, do you know? Do you know, dear reader?


“Believe” was the song that came upon the speakers of Your Intrepid Reporter’s very own car, while the wind howled and the rain lashed against the windshield and the tumultuous storm of fury and fiendish passion occluded all existence of the outside world, making it seem as if not even the world around Your Intrepid Reporter ever existed, as if all and everything were washed away by a menacing cloud of spray and wind and fog.

Believe! Dear reader! From the Grammy-winning album of the very same name!

And so, dear reader, Your Intrepid Reporter did believe and sang along with Cher and slowed the car down and got off the highway and stopped at an eerily abandoned Dunkin Donuts (a sugary waystation well known to wary westward travelers). Once the storm passed, Your Intrepid Reporter bravely returned to the highway and completed their journey to Atlanta to attend the SEIU Southern Region Conference.

Stay tuned for further dispatches from Your Intrepid Reporter about just what is happening at the SEIU Southern Region Conference in Atlanta!